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"Blame" Day 5


Who in my opinion gets blamed the most?

Who guessed it! WOMEN

Original sin = Eve

Bad things happening to the town = Witches

Male r@pist = The woman was wearing provocative clothing.

Prostitutes = Whores (even though they exist mainly because of cheating men)

Sluts = A name to describe women who have sex - a thing men want ALL the time

Do I go on?

Story time

About a day after I posted this photo as my Facebook profile my Grandmother calls me and here is how the convo went:

Grandmother: "What is that picture!!!" (no context given to me at all)

Me: "Um.... what photo?" (Knowing my Grandmother didn't even know how to use the computer)

Grandmother: "Bigdad showed me your picture on The Facebook and I don't know what I will tell my friends if they see it!"

[Me thinking through all the photos I posted, panicking that I uploaded a photo I did not mean to)

Me: "Are you talking about my profile photo in the shirt and shorts"?

[Scrolling through the photos I posted flabbergasted about which photo she is talking about]

Grandmother: "YES! I guess I will just have to tell my friends you are a prostitute?


Here's the photo:

Apparently.... I am showing too much skin...

If you are a male and want to stop reading at this point. I understand.

But if you're a man that I respect and want in my life, I encourage you to keep reading.

A reason I started this blog.. which may never been seen than anyone other than my own eyes..

is to share my opinions with out exploding on idiot people.

For example, you know those little trolls that stand in busy areas with signs saying pleasant things like,

"You Slut!"

"You're Going to HELL"!

Aww, what nice words to say to the public!

Previous Chan, yells. And yells loud. Louder than the idiots with the microphones.

Last weekend in the very conservative Sacramento, a man like this existed.

I screamed "If I am going to hell - well honey - you're coming with me"..

And that started WWIII.

He screamed, I screamed, we all screamed for.....

Literally no reason.

I looked just as crazy as he did.... I want others to know HE is crazy.... I am not helping my cause.

I just feel like my blood is actually boiling in my body and my mouth starts shouting before I can even think. I am all about helping the innocent or weak and some people love to just tear others down for no reason.

But how am I proving to that stupid man that women are capable and not slut's if I am screaming like a lunatic?

So instead. Blog that shit.

I am a spiritual, democratic, feminist, kick-ass woman who has lots of opinions and thoughts that I would like to share with the world.

My goal: to shut-up the stupid people and allow the quiet ones (who usually have the best ideas) speak up.

How I am going to do this? I don't know.

But I guess I will start here (:


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