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"Consistency" Day 3

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Did I tell you I have a problem with consistency?

Yeah...that's why there is no Day 2...

But! That was one of my 2022 New Years resolution that I am working on. So far, I would grade myself a


+Bought a planner.

-Have used it twice... it's the 12th.

+Haven't eaten red meat (another New Years Resolution).

-Secretly ate a small piece of sausage in biscuits and gravy on the 1st.

Why did I decide to not eat red meat? I was hungover on the way home from camping in the beautiful Idyllwild.

[[My best friend and I would move there in a heart beat if it was possible because it is the cutest little town. Many describe it as the "Snow Globe" town during winter time.

Oh? And their mayor??

A DOG -"MAX" ]]

Anyways, we were driving home from a birthday camping trip and while I was hanging my head out the window to get as much fresh air as my lungs would allow, I saw - them.

The cows.

The baby cows.

The baby cows hanging with their mama.

And I panicked. Not like internally panicked. Like.

Full on anxiety attack.

My boyfriend Kevin had to pull over on the side of the road so I could try and catch my breath. If you have never had an anxiety attack.

For me, it starts off with a small thought.

"Oh those cows are so cute". Which turns into:

"I can't believe we as people eat those cute little animals".

And before you know it I am sweating profusely thinking about how I indulge in the activity of eating red meat.

Unfortunately for the chickens............I have yet to find the willpower to give up my favorite food:

~Chicken tendies~

[Yes, i'm an actual child]

[Fax no printer - a saying I just learned - but Outback had the best chicken fingers in the entire world. I know they were frozen but damn, they were good. However, they recently changed the recipe and they SUCK. I signed a petition to bring back the old chicken tends but have not heard back yet. I will let you know.]

So yeah.... no read meat.

Anyways, back to consistency. I was hoping my planner would help me with's just I need to remember to write in my planner.

One thing I have been pretty good at this year (12 days haha) has been reading. My mom bought me this book called "Untamed" sooo long ago. However, I just decided to pick it up and finally read it.

Holy... Guac-a-duckin-mole....


Every woman should read this book ~highly recommend~

If Reese With-out-her-spoon can have a book list so can I!


-All Ruth Ware books



-North Korean escape

-The Tattooist

-(Will continue to add to this list so check back)

Why have I been so into books lately?

Little pandemic we like to call COVID THAT WILL NEVER FREAKING END!

I just got the booster shot last night and feel like an elephant driving a semi truck ran over me while I was sleeping... maybe a little dramatic..


I also have a sprained ankle and am on my period. So give me a GD break please and thank you (:

I haven't had a drink in 4 days and feel good (:


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