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"Sports" Day 4

Does anyone else miss sports?

I thought about it a lot during Covid quarantine. I honestly miss everything about it, even

"Hell Week"... which really did feel like I was in the depths of hell at some points.

Dude - at one point, my coach had all of us do wall sits......and then ran across our legs...

Like what kind of backwards-ass torture method is that?

I loved goofing around during practices & being ultra competitive during game time! The best part though had to be the bus ride home from a win.

One time though...this one teammate thought it would be funny to karate chop my neck..

like..straight in the neck..

no lie...

And during the whole car ride home I couldn't breathe.. but other than that.. really fun!

Why did I think of sports you may ask?

Because I am currently crying over the Falcons winning the National Cheer Competition on the Netflix show Cheer.

[I just found out that one of the guys from season 1 is being held in jail without bond because of child pornography and solicitation. WHAT! But I believe the victims in this scenario and feel bad for everyone involved.]

Did I ever do cheer?


But I was forced to do ballet because my best friend Justine in Preschool was doing it and my mom thought it was a good idea.

I remember quiting...backstage..before our full hair/makeup/costume.


But they were the underdogs and had so much spirit and I am just really happy they won. And apparently they run into the ocean if they win and they finally got to get wet! (okay - yeah that sounded weird haha).

Sports I have tried include:

Swim, field hockey, gymnastics, soccer, golf, tennis, and softball...

A sport I want to do in 2022:

Flip cup + Kickball

Here's me with my team doing the relay!

Me looking like I am picking my nose


Left of me with goggles on [Freesyle]

Pink goggies [Butterfly]

Last but not least [Backstroke]

Day 5 without a drink and I am feeling good (:

Okay, bye!


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