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Acrylic paint // Natural wood // Resin finish 

"I ordered a custom piece and it turned out amazing! My logo was painted onto a wooden round piece and finished with resin on top. The artwork truly exceeded my expectations! I get so many questions about who made my logo board!!!"



Resin Bookmark w/ Shells

"The bookmark is absolutely perfect! Legit no markings left on any pages of my book. I was worried if maybe the book would chip on a shell but no issues with that at all. its really great quality work and so gosh darn mesmerizing!"



Acrylic paint // Natural wood // Resin finish 

"Hello Vixens... look at this gorgeous custom sign from Chan Made. She is an amazing artist and she also does custom signs so please check out her instagram she was amazing to work with an made our entire year. It brings this business to LIFE."


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