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 Text from VCA vet staff! 


 This is Louie! 

(& his little brother Milo)

On November 2nd 2020, our cat Louie went missing. As one day turned to two, then a week, we got more and more concerned. We thought, "Surely he will come by the election". Then it went to, "He's definitely going to come home for Thanksgiving". Although those days came and went with no sighting of Louie, we never gave up. We continued to post flyers and search the surrounding neighborhoods. Finally, on December 6th at 8am we got the call we had been hoping for. He was found in another apartment complex a couple streets down by a good samaritan. 

We were so happy to have him home, but we soon discovered that was only half the battle. He was very sick with a condition known as 'Fatty Liver' & and needed to stay at the VCA Emergency Hospital for 3 days. He was constantly on fluids and being monitored by the best team of people who would send updates on him to comfort us while we were at home. 


~Only San Diego residents since we will drive to deliver each candle~

We came up with the idea to fundraise for Louie and help offset our veterinary bills by making custom-designed candles. These handmade holiday creations will fill your room with scents that remind you of home, family, and all the warm & fuzzies! 

We are offering three different candle holder designs which include three distinct scents for you to choose from. 

  • Fresh Balsam Pine

  • Apple Cinnamon

  • Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Pint size mason jars with beautiful rock filling & scented tea light candle on top. This allows you to re-use it year after year!


But the fun doesn't end when the candle burns out as these can be used over and over again each holiday season!



Thank you, 

Chandler, Kevin, Louie & Milo

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